the scars are your testament  

everyone has a different pattern

call it tribal, call it what you want I don’t give a flat fuck it is personal okay.


personal? connecting online is personal? it sounds like a religious bullshit to me. I think you are imagining things and that is all…

you think so? well how many times have you seen someone die from imagining things? because I fucking have. and it wasn’t a pretty sight at all …

and the bullshit religious freak who had her brain fried was one of the best I knew … this creation of yours here … the one that you are so proud of … she could make it shit grenades straight through your dumb ass slot that makes you look like a fucking dog on a leash … so please do us all a favour and shut the fuck up cause you are starting to irritate me … and I might just decide to take my religious beliefs someplace else … are we clear?

so now jackass, jack yourself in and get on with this dumb function I asked from you two days ago!


phew you got on his nerves man

you got to be more careful with this stuff

seriously man you know we need him

just try to shut up okay

hey be quiet he’s coming back



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