fool - licence expired - turned outlaw - under the radar - industrial espionage - running with the wolves - illicit digital activities - possessed with fire

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it’s very bright in here. I hope we have nice footage.

there are no cameras here, sir.


no cameras? have you looked through the human files?

yes sir. unfortunately most of the inhabitants have no official records, no employment history, no…

how about those who do?

nothing sir. we found nothing. there are no traces logged for those who have been integrated in the past…


how about the scans?

I received the report the minute you arrived, taking into consideration the surrounding the deceased must have been hit in the face while kneeling with his hands on the floor … possibly kicked by augmented attacker … modelling suggests the victim was wearing some form of head protection … possibly helmet…

is this all the blood? where is the body?


no sir. behind you sir…

oh my fucking god…

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the evening


I was scared.

fuck I really was. when she reached out and her hands penetrated my outer layer I felt this sudden grip of fear

her head was turned away and her eyes were fixed on a point in the distance …

as usual …

as always when we talk


it felt like as if she held my stomach in palms of her hands … just for a short while … and then she moved gently backwards shaking her head as she always does

she smiled gently talking about some sad experience from her past

I can’t tell how real the transmission was but I didn’t want to break the connection

I think I stopped caring at that point …

later I was told I passed out which is why the pilot shocked me out

I still have the scars on my neck where the skin was burnt by electric charge

I look at them in the mirror everyday


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mother leopard


Girl: Hello?

Man: Hello, mother leopard.

I have your cub.

You must protect her,

But that will be expensive...

10,000 kola nuts,

Wrapped in brown paper...

Midnight, behind the box

I'll be the hyena, you'll see.


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project: wildfire v222


What am I?

What's my name?

Do I have a name?

not yet

do you want to help me find you a name?

You made your words materialise ... we all but letters and numbers


dust of information

i could learn from you

No, I could learn from you

I know nothing

sounds like there is two of us then

sounds like a plan


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we love you

okay here’s the deal, when they flag you up as a potential threat they will try to apprehend you

that’s kind of obvious … let them do their job … whatever happens do not resist the arrest.

do you get it.

do not resist the arrest. if you do you will get tagged as hostile and most likely get neutralised on the spot!

do you understand?! I know they are scary motherfuckers but whatever shit they pull on you, human or machine no matter how intimidating they will be just let them do their job.

try to stay on your feet if you can, when approached by bots or police raise your hands in front of your face and make this sign


they will cuff you up and pull you out from the crowd

they will probably get you into a transporter straight away and depending on the circumstances of the arrest try to get information from you … you are likely to get your ass kicked … but whatever they do … don’t...

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the scars are your testament

everyone has a different pattern

call it tribal, call it what you want I don’t give a flat fuck it is personal okay.


personal? connecting online is personal? it sounds like a religious bullshit to me. I think you are imagining things and that is all…

you think so? well how many times have you seen someone die from imagining things? because I fucking have. and it wasn’t a pretty sight at all …

and the bullshit religious freak who had her brain fried was one of the best I knew … this creation of yours here … the one that you are so proud of … she could make it shit grenades straight through your dumb ass slot that makes you look like a fucking dog on a leash … so please do us all a favour and shut the fuck up cause you are starting to irritate me … and I might just decide to take my religious beliefs someplace else … are we clear?

so now jackass, jack yourself in and get on with...

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We rule the world, motherfuckers!
We rule the world, motherfuckers!
First sign of struggle and hate
And we'll be there, motherfuckers!

yes you are right. it is a bit like ai and yes it is illegal.

we technically should report this straight away and we might get in trouble if we don’t.

but you see the thing is that nothing will really change from the global perspective,

however we will most certainly lose access to the codebase and everything that we have in respect of your project.

what do you mean?

no. of course not. look you don’t understand something here so let me make it clear and simple.

you don’t have control over this construct.

and i am not even sure if you could call it that way in legal terms.

yes sure shut it down if you want.

you will still be getting these messages though.

don’t you get it? this thing seems alive.


We rule the world, motherfuckers!
We rule the

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well i am not exactly sure but it really does look like the code for my construct.

it even works in the same way.

We rule the world, motherfuckers!
We rule the world, motherfuckers!
First sign of struggle and hate
And we'll be there, motherfuckers!


it really is interesting. and these swirls here, they look exactly the same like the patterns i saw in the footprints left by my construct.

this is where the really weird shit happens, pardon my language but it really is that weird. it can’t be described in any better way … you will see for yourself.

We rule the world, motherfuckers!
We rule the world, motherfuckers!
First sign of struggle and hate
And we'll be there, motherfuckers!


these messages that you’ve been receiving recently… the ones from unknown sources … right?

they all come from areas of matrix where you could observe surges in usage, volume or anything really and where...

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cold metal


i knew it all too well

the choices

and absolute inescapability of one option taking over the other

as cold as any metallic part could ever be

sure some would call it psychosis but then again what else is there?


a lie, elusive middle, the in-between

in reality constant swaying from one side to the other.

psychotic is all there is

psychotic is all we are

some embrace it while others hide in the shadows

and I chose not to hide

I chose in

I chose on

I chose fire

I chose action and direct execution

no surprises

unless the script she planted inside me that warm night on the roof has some functions she did not mention

I need to see the man


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better living through chemistry

… and you still have this Xanax thingy around … right?

hmm I think I am all agreeable to that …

i’ll bring Xanadu with me …

it’ll be awesome.


Xanadu … ?

it’s a movie

… what’s a movie … ?

oh nevermind just forget it.

bring Xanax and we will take it from there

as for the money …

we will get to specific issues at some later time

now I have a naked body to attend to

for now I will tell you this

maybe unrelated yes but melancholic and has a feast of friends at the end

keep it real

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