I’ve been starring into the space for a split of a second … maybe …

i really cannot tell

holding on to the emptiness in front of me


then I felt the gravity pulling me back towards the surface

my heart sank like a stone and that’s probably when I was pulled towards the automated recovery unit.

i assume it must have arrived after being alerted by the surge in power usage caused by the contact with the defensive layer

no i certainly did not call for it nor asked for assistance

the next thing I was crouching with my hands on the floor and vomiting violently …

the medical staff was already there although i don’t remember seeing them

I don’t remember the exact time but it should be within my log files.

yes I aproved access to all my files and my primary interface.

no I don’t know who was on the rescue team or what model of the construct was used.

I remember blond female avatar but that must have been because I was still hooked to my gear and since it is via patch i was still fully on-line.

no I can’t

yes i do. i still feel a bit shaken when i switch on the full sensory interface but i am fine to conduct the work without any further accidents.


I even felt a touch of hope i thought she’s going to be okay … and then I realised she was gone.


i let her slip.

i couldn’t hold on to her and she just … let go

and i knew i have nothing left of her

not a single bit of live data will ever reach me again

nor i will ever be able to trace her.

this was the end

the archive and my memory is all that I have left and I knew all too well i will have to remove most of it for my own sake soon

I felt …

I really can’t describe it ….

no, i cannot. I really only remember my hand pointing into the darkness

trying to touch her but she wasn’t there anymore



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