so you can congratulate yourself and forget the whole thing

well you see it isn’t really stable

I mean the software

and I lost a lot of the influence how it morphs with the network

remember it is online 24/7 and never disconnects

it never sleeps

it is very powerful

and it’s looking for me.

oookay… so … how powerful is it?

I don’t really know… I think it can kill

you think? you made it right?


well not exactly… I made a lot of modifications and … well yes. i guess you could say I made it. but the core comes from something that wasn’t mine so to speak.

where does it come from then?

I found it.

what?! you found it?! like where?! on the street?!!

no don’t be stupid…

there was an accident I was involved in alright …

i knew all the people … they’re all dead

I was the only one to get out alive from the mess that ensued … but if you would ask me … I was on this plane by pure accident … even though I knew all the people there … and even though everyone was there because of me … but still … I’m sure the accident was just this …

an accident.

so I found the code within my logs some time after the event

I wasn’t surprised to find something weird… there was a lot of weird shit going on back there…

in any case… the story I told her once… years later was actually quite close to the truth…

what story?

oh never mind, let’s just forget this bit…

sure man but i need to know shit if i am to help you.

yes I know you do.

okay, let’s start from the beginning then …



Now read this


it’s very bright in here. I hope we have nice footage. there are no cameras here, sir. no cameras? have you looked through the human files? yes sir. unfortunately most of the inhabitants have no official records, no employment history,... Continue →