we love you  

okay here’s the deal, when they flag you up as a potential threat they will try to apprehend you

that’s kind of obvious … let them do their job … whatever happens do not resist the arrest.

do you get it.

do not resist the arrest. if you do you will get tagged as hostile and most likely get neutralised on the spot!

do you understand?! I know they are scary motherfuckers but whatever shit they pull on you, human or machine no matter how intimidating they will be just let them do their job.

try to stay on your feet if you can, when approached by bots or police raise your hands in front of your face and make this sign


they will cuff you up and pull you out from the crowd

they will probably get you into a transporter straight away and depending on the circumstances of the arrest try to get information from you … you are likely to get your ass kicked … but whatever they do … don’t talk to them … give them nothing … not even a word … I have constructs hooked up onto CCTV cameras looking for arrests … they will fish you out once you make the sign … make sure it’s visible … and in case you get the beating try to hang on to your teeth … do you know how to take punches to the face … I’ll send you the info … you want your bones intact …


no, don’t worry it will be quick. I can’t tell you how long it might take but usually we have people out within few hours

no, there won’t be any investigation. we will get you out before prosecution even gets to responds to the arrest but you might get your ass kicked all the same



leave your phone at home. leave everything, you won’t need it and you might lose it in the process


when approached by bots follow their instructions

one of them will be your get out of jail free card


that’s good

I’ll see you on the other side

and good luck


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